Saturday, June 27, 2015

Blurred lines

I don't think I've ever been as consumed or upset about a topic in my entire life. Probably because there are so many layers to the atomic bomb that is Rachel Dolezal. If you're Black then you're more likely to understand, and if you're not, then I don't expect it to hit home for you.

It's as if we Black people should have no grounds to complain, like--ever! About anything. Not even about others stealing our racial identity. We should make light of that too. Not to mention, when blacks of decades past, had light enough skin to "pass" as White, they were brutalized if not killed, upon being found out. So Whites are allowed to be outraged when they feel violated, but us Blacks? Nope! We have to "suck it up" and "get over it".

You can't make a compelling enough case for some of these people.
"Why can't we just leave her alone?" "You're taking this entirely too personal" "You're being ridiculous" "Why can't she just be happy?" They're not even trying to listen, they're not even trying to understand.

"If she wants to be Black, let her be Black."
That's so annoying to me, especially out of the mouth of people who inject themselves in a discussion where they have nothing to lose.

Above all others, Dolezal should understand why her position could be problematic and hypocritical. She says, "Were all from Africa anyways"
Well, Ms. Dolezal, if that's the case, then why not celebrate the diversity of Africa, AS YOU ARE? A pale, flushed, freckle-faced complexion having White woman with straight, blonde hair?

After arguing with someone about this matter, this person said, something to the effect of, "You don't want Dolezal to be accepted as Black, because you think 'Blackness' is so sacred?" Which fucking floored me, because, if my memory serves me well, Whites were (and continue to be) the ones creating division between themselves and Black people. But now, all of a sudden, "we're all the same" and "colour doesn't matter"? Really?

Why are people, Whites, specifically, not having a discussion ad nauseaum about why Dolezal doesn't identify with other Whites? And not only that but is, flat out, bias against other Whites? Why are we not exploring those things BEFORE jumping to conclusions about "transracialism"?

The only "good" that came out of this scandal is that it put the state of the "Black community" into perspective for me. It made me take note of who among us is intact and who isn't.

I think we've been hanging out with White people too long for this to be seen as not a big deal. Obviously, I'm not saying Blacks should be seeing eye to eye on everything, but on this issue, 99% of us should be "singing" in unison, and the fact that we aren't suggests that something is critically wrong.

One (supposedly) black guy on YouTube said,
"Guys, give her a chance! Finally, someone who wants to be a part of our race and struggle." Fuck off! I don't need her White validation to feel a certain way about my Black race. That is pathetic.

The lack of conviction among Blacks is disturbing. I mean, I knew it was bad, but I didn't realize it was this bad. The only thing getting me through, is the minority of people who do "get it".

As a Black person, doesn't accepting Dolezal as an "honorary black woman" make one the ultimate "uncle Tom"? And if not, then, what the hell does? Why do some of us bother penalizing or celebrating ourselves and each other on the basis of color if we're not going to be consistent about it? If we're just going to extend the "Black card" to anybody and everybody, then doesn't that render it meaningless?

I'm, especially, disgusted by Blacks in the media defending this woman, such as, coontress, Whoopi Goldberg. Both Whoopi and I can't just stop being Black, but Whoopi vehemently defends Dolezal, a White woman from White supremacy land, who already has a defence mechanism--it's called: Opting out whenever the hell she feels like it.

She lied, to cover up lies, to cover up lies, to cover up lies. And people are still making excuses for her.

"She has provided such a service to Black people, therefore, let's support this poor, 'well-intentioned', White woman in her desire to openly parade as a Black woman." Like--are people fucking crazy?

And to those comparing Dolezal to Jenner, there was no transition, a la "Caitlyn Jenner", she didn't "come out" as Black, she was OUTED as Black. She essentially STOLE it--theft by deception.

And, you know what's ironic? For all Dolezal's claim of "definitely not feeling White" STEALING from another culture, HIGHJACKING time, space, and an identity for your own agenda, and thumbing your fucking nose at whomever doesn't like it, sounds like the "WHITEST" thing one can do. So she's keeping with her traditions and doesn't even know it, or she does know it and doesn't care--well played!

And this is someone I should be excited about? This is the type of person I should roll out the red carpet for? And if I don't, then, I'm the disgrace?

Monday, June 22, 2015


"Blacks are more angry about this than women are about Bruce Jenner (women don’t seem to be angry at all about Bruce Jenner). Proving the uncomfortable fact that Blacks are race haters of their own people born in the wrong skin."

Thursday, June 18, 2015


Sunday, April 5, 2015

The sight of his face and the sound of his voice fills me with feelings of disgust.

A perpetual child, seeking his next cheap thrill. No care for the damage left in his wake.

"Why don't they like me?" u ask?
Because you're unhinged. Because you're a fraud. Because you're a disgrace.

A mother who still shelters you from an unpromising world, but when she passes, who's refuge will you seek?

Feel sorry for yourself. I will not pity you. If I have nothing worth listening to, then neither do you.

I am not your whore.
If I am, then, the stakes just went up.

But you are now broke. A broke and broken man.

When you request my company, I will say no. When you demand my attention, I will say no. My good mood today will fool you in believing that a "yes" is on the horizon. Sadly for you that won't be the case.

Rage--a rage that you could never grasp. It would be lost on you anyways.

You made your bed, now lay in it.
Left in your own corner, now stay there.

This time, I won't save you from yourself. This time, I will let you die. Nothing worth salvaging, now, anyways. No appetite for the scraps of a meal someone else already ate.

You might as well be another stranger.
Not even worthy of being an enemy.  As all I now feel for you, is indifference and apathy.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

"Concerned community comes together after police
officer shoots, kills unarmed Missouri teen" --Atlanta black star

A part of the very concerned "community" was so grief-striken they decided, in the victims
memory, to loot stores last Sunday, for imperatives like Nike shoes and hair extentions. #justiceformichaelbrown